Frequently asked questions — EdgeEX

Use the frequently asked questions below to help you navigate EdgeEX courses.

How can I tell the difference between an EdgeEX course and a heritage Imagine Edgenuity course?
EdgeEX Heritage


EdgeEX courses have an EdgeEX icon in the top right of the course tile.


Heritage Imagine Edgenuity courses have an E icon at the top right of the course tile.

How do I access the EdgeEX Course Map?

To access the Course Map, click the tile on the homepage. 

What are the parts of the Course Map and how do they work?

The following are the features of the course map:


Item Description
Next Activity button

Use the Next Activity button to move to the next activity.

If you have a comment from your teacher, this button will change to Review Comments and will take you to the comment when you click it.

eNotes button Click the eNotes button on the left navigation to view notes.
Unit Progress

Lessons Completed shows the number of lessons completed out of total lessons.

The You are Here bar shows how far along you are in the current unit.

Course Progress

In this section, you can view your course grade and percent of course complete.

You can also download your Course Report.

Course navigation On the right side, navigate between units of a course.
Guided Notes Click the Guided Notes icon on the lesson to view and use the fillable guided notes for the lesson.
Activities Click an activity to open it.
How do I find and use the tools in EdgeEX courses?

EdgeEX courses support your success with tools within the lessons.


Feature Description


Select a color and use it to highlight important text.

Read Aloud

If you have this feature enabled, you can select from over 130 languages.


If you have this feature enabled, you can select from over 130 languages.


Click the Calculator icon on the left navigation to access a standard or graphing calculator.

Additional Tools

Click the Additional Tools icon on the left navigation to access other tools available for the course. For example, the reference materials for Algebra I include formulas and equations.


If a teacher has left written feedback in a comment for you, when the you click the Review Comments button on the student home page or on the Course Map, the first activity that has unread feedback opens to the attempt that has feedback in Review Mode.

The Teacher Comments flyout on the activity player defaults open and remains open while you navigate between items.

You can also click the Comments icon on the top navigation. This icon only displays if you have a comment.


For math courses, click the Feedback icon on the top navigation to access feedback about the question, such as answer explanations and Show Me videos. 


Click the Resources icon on the top navigation to access the following:

  • Notes: Take eNotes in the flyout that displays. You can add tables, images, and hyperlinks to your notes. You can also access guided notes from the flyout.
  • Glossary: Review glossary terms related to the activity in the flyout that displays. Use the search bar to look up other words in a dictionary.
  • Transcript: Review a written transcript of the activity in the flyout that displays.
How do I use the EdgeEX fillable Guided Notes?

You can access Guided Notes from the Course Map or from within an activity.


Guided notes are only fillable in EdgeEX courses. For heritage Imagine Edgenuity courses, print the pages to fill them out manually.

Accessing Guided Notes from the Course Map

You can access Guided Notes from the Course Map by completing the following steps:

  1. In the Course Map, locate the applicable lesson and click the Guided Notes icon.
  2. The Guided Notes for the lesson display in a new tab as a fillable form. 

Accessing Guided Notes from within an activity

You can access Guided Notes by completing the following steps:

  1. In the top-right corner of the activity player, click the Resources icon.
  2. In the flyout that displays, click the Notes tab, then click Guided Notes.
  3. Click Download.
  4. The Guided Notes for the lesson display in a new tab as a fillable form.
What are Answer Explanations and Show Me Videos?

For math courses only, Answer Explanations and Show Me videos will pop up if you answer a question incorrectly in an Assignment. All questions in Assignments have Answer Explanations available. Select questions have Show Me videos available.

Scenario Outcome Image
You select the correct answer The Feedback lightbulb at the top of the page turns green. If an Answer Explanation or Show Me video is available, you can view them if you want to. Student-GreenFeedback.png
You select an incorrect answer on your first try The Feedback panel displays on the right side of the screen. Read the feedback and then click Try Again to submit a different answer. Feedback.png
You select an incorrect answer on your second try

If a Show Me video is available for this question, it displays automatically. Watch the short video before moving on in the activity.

If no Show Me video is available, the Answer Explanation panel displays on right side of screen. Read the Answer Explanation before moving on in the activity.



Can I translate the lesson into another language?

Yes, if translation is enabled for your account. 

If your teacher has granted you permission to the translation tool, you'll be able to translate any text on screen, with some exceptions. The following do not translate from English: 

  • Pages that span the whole site (for example, the activity score screen, assessment launch screen, and conclusion screen)
  • Titles (for example, course title, lesson title, activity titles)
  • Text on buttons
  • Text in interactive activities
  • Text in an image or video; however, video captions do translate

Once you start an activity, on the left navigation, you can click the arrow next to the language icon and select the language of your choice. Once you select the language, it will persist from screen to screen.


Can the read-aloud feature read in another language?

Yes, if read-aloud is enabled for your account. 

Once you have changed the language using the steps in the previous question, you can click the headphones icon and listen to the read-aloud in your chosen language.

What languages are available for the translation and read-aloud features?

EdgeEX features over 130 languages for translation. In addition, EdgeEX includes persistent translation (you will not need to click "translate" page by page) and video captions will translate. Both of these new translation features are available in EdgeEX only.

Included languages are listed in the table below.

*Indicates that translated text can be read aloud. Note that Chinese is read aloud in Mandarin.

Afrikaans* Akan Albanian Amharic Arabic* Armenian
Assamese Aymara Azerbaijani Bambara Basque* Belarusian
Bengali Bhojpuri Bosnian Bulgarian Catalan* Cebuano
Chichewa Chinese (Simplified)* Chinese (Traditional)* Corsican Croatian Czech*
Danish* Divehi Dogri Dutch* English* Esperanto
Estonian Ewe Filipino Finnish* Flemish* French*
Frisian Galician* Ganda Georgian German* Goan Konkani
Greek* Guarani Gujarati Haitian Creole Hausa Hawaiian
Hebrew* Hindi* Hmong Hungarian* Icelandic* Igbo
Iloko Indonesian* Irish Italian* Japanese* Javanese
Kannada Kazakh Khmer Kinyarwanda Korean* Krio
Kurdish (Kurmanji) Kurdish (Sorani) Kyrgyz Lao Latin Latvian
Lingala Lithuanian Luxembourgish Macedonian Maithili Malagasy
Malay Malayalam Maltese Manipuri (Meitei Mayek) Maori Marathi
Mizo Mongolian Myanmar (Burmese) Nepali Northern Sotho Norwegian*
Odia (Oriya) Oromo Pashto Persian* Polish* Portuguese*
Punjabi Quechua Romanian* Russian* Samoan Sanskrit
Scots Gaelic Serbian Sesotho Shona Sindhi Sinhala
Slovak* Slovenian Somali Spanish* Sundanese Swahili
Swedish* Tajik Tamil Tatar Telugu Thai*
Tigrinya Tsonga Turkish* Turkmen Ukrainian* Urdu
Uyghur Uzbek Vietnamese Welsh Xhosa  Yoruba